Influence of work hazards and employee health initiatives on workforce engagement: evidence from saudi construction sectors


Aims: The current research aims to analyse the influence of workplace hazards and worker health initiatives on employee engagement in the construction sector. It has been claimed that the construction industry is increasingly relevant toward economic and the social development of the nation on a large scale. Such that the construction industry.

Method/design: The current study is largely based on a primary quantitative method. Where the survey has been conducted from about 200 sample size and the employees of the construction industry. The analysis has been performed through Stata by test namely descriptive, correlation and regression analysis.

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The industry of construction is relevant to the social and economic development of the nation on a large scale. Such that the industry tends to represent about 6 per cent of the total GDP and is likely to reach about 14% by the year 2030 (Betts, 2013). The study conducted by Rivera, Mora-Serrano and Oñate (2021) claimed that the industry provides about 18 million jobs across Europe however it is perceived as one of the most dangerous industries across the globe. Such that the industry has recorded one of the highest rates of an accident at an increased level. The study of Al-Aubaidy et al. (2019) further asserted that as compared to the industry of manufacturing the suffering probability pertinent to the accident in the sector of construction is about 2.5 times higher. It is indicated in the above study that the probability of an accident is five times higher while at a global level there exist about 30 to 40 % construction accident rates.

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