Examining the Challenges of Six Sigma Implementation in Human Resource Management: A Case of Information Technology Sector


Aim: The current research is examining the challenges of Six Sigma implementation in human resource management (HRM), in the Information Technology (IT) sector.

Design/Method: The current research has used the primary quantitative method. The researcher utilised the close-ended questions that was developed according to the hypothesis and objectives of the study. The sample size chosen for the research was 250 respondents and the participants were employees and managers of organisations in the Information Technology sector. The current research has used the correlation, regression and interactive regression modelling.

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In the modern era, Six Sigma implementation in Human Resource Management Practices has played an essential role in the development and growth of an organisation (Kaswan & Rathi 2019). However, it is evident from most of the studies that Six Sigma implementation in HRM has significantly helped the organisations in providing a quality and value outcome (Yadav, Seth & Desai, 2018; Vaishnavi & Suresh, 2020). Likely Yadav, Seth and Desai (2018) in their study indicated that Six Sigma implementation helps HR through providing excellence in the process of day to day delivery and reducing the number of defects. In addition, the implementation of Six Sigma also helps the management in solving the queries, and in recording employees’ data and information (Kaswan & Rathi 2019). Similarly, Vaishnavi and Suresh (2020) in another study indicated that Six Sigma implementation help HR in recording accurate employee data, and it helps in detecting and minimising the errors. Moreover, it also helps HR to use the resources effectively and efficiently.  Thus, from the prior studies, it has been identified that Six Sigma implementation plays an essential role in HRM practice, and it helps the organisation to mitigate the number of errors and defects.

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