Influence Of Covid-19 On The Global Supply Chain: Learned Lessons And Mistakes Never Forgotten


Aim: The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has increased uncertainties and disruption in a supply chain. Therefore, the aim of the researcher is to explore the influence of pandemic on the supply chain. However, to address this aim three main challenges were determined (disruption on the supply side, logistics and storage, and demand side) based on the literature review, to analyse its influence on global supply chain and how the mitigation strategies control disruption on these challenges.

Method: To conduct this research, the primary quantitative research method was used, and survey questionnaires were distributed among employees and managers of the supply chain industry. After data collection, Descriptive statistics, regression analysis, and moderation analysis were used through using SPSS software.

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Emergance of Covid-19 has been one of the major global issues. Initially, it emerged from Wuhan city in China, and it rapidly spread all over the world (Donthu & Gustafsson, 2020, Ivanov & Dolgui, 2020; Verma & Gustafsson, 2020). Although, it has attracted much attention among practitioners, scholars, and researchers in different areas and disciplines (Ivanov & Dolgui, 2020; Ivanov, 2020) as, it has influenced every aspect of the business environment, especially the supply chain. Likely, Ivanov & Dolgui (2020) in their study indicated that Covid-19 has increased the restrictions on production, manufacturing, and supply chain due to shut down exposed by authorities and states everywhere.

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