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Determinants of the Stock Market Performance amid COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from the UK

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively influenced the global economy and public health. Despite governments having implemented nationwide quarantine policies and travel, the pandemic has resulted in higher mortality rates (Bou et al., 2021).Different studies have been conducted to address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Investigating the interrelation between capital structure and financial performance of manufacturing companies in the UK

Manufacturing companies evolve with the technological advancement initiated through the financial performance of the company. Analysing the financial measures of the company is represented through the capital structure and financial performances leading the company toward certain advancements (Kumar et al., 2021).

By: Julius David (Msc, Financial innovation) in March 2024

The pandemic has negatively impacted the performance of all the financial markets around the globe including stock market’s performance as well. Therefore, the aim of the current study is to assess determinants of the UK stock market performance during the pandemic.

By: Robin Wilson (MBA, Financial Management ) in February 2024

The research aims to identify the interrelation between the capital structures and financial performances of different food manufacturers currently operational in the UK.The study would proceed with a secondary quantitative approach that involves collecting data through existing research and financial reports. This was achieved from three food and beverage manufacturing companies’ annual reports.

By: Dr. Larah Hanson (PHD, Economics ) in January 2024

The study adopted a secondary quantitative methodology in which data on unemployment rates and government stimulus packages were taken from the World Bank repository and government news websites. Descriptive statistics, correlation, and regression tests were conducted through SPSS to find out the possible causal effect of the government stimulus package on unemployment rates in the selected countries.

By: Dr.Schanadel (PHD in Microfinance ) in January 2024

This research article aims to evaluate the impact of the remittance on the economic growth and poverty while drawing the evidence from the BRIC economics. Quantitative secondary data was used, and data were collected from the four countries from 2001 to 2020. The data were analysed through the STATA software, which provides the results of the GLS regression model.