Role of Income Inequality in Decreasing Quality of Life in Malaysia


Purpose: The aim of this research papers is to address the aspects and role of income inequality in decreasing the quality of life in Malaysia.

Methodology: The collection of data is conducted through secondary sources where the data is gathered from 1971 till 2020. The numerical data taken for the study requires to conduct the statistical analysis techniques for which the statistical software STATA has been used for generating results. The analytical techniques that are applied on the dataset comprises of descriptive statistics and unit root testing. Based on the results of unit root, the ARDL technique is applied for evaluating the influence of income inequality on quality of life.

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The notion of quality of life refers to the proxy of health and social well-being. It is explained that QOL is served as critical indicator of the government policies implemented and developed strategies for the people living in the communities (Pupavac et al., 2020). It encompasses a diverse range of social, psychological, physical, and environmental aspects and is perceived as vital appraisal of assessing one’s life satisfaction, needs and desires to comply with the cultural values and systems (Thangiah et al., 2020). Thus, it is evident that poor rural dwellers who not only face critical economic and social complexities but also reside in poor remote locations, are likely to experience poor quality of life.

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