Impact of servant leadership on employees and firm’s performance: the mediating role of affective and cognitive trust


Aim: Servant leadership style is considered one of the vital element in enhancing employees’ and organizational performance. Thereby, the main emphahsis of the current study was to empirically analyse the impact of servant leadership on employees’ and firm’s performance. Moreover, it has also positioned the mediating role of trust namely; cognitive and affective trust, and explore how it influences on the employees’ and firm’s performance.

Method: For empirical analysis primary quantitative research method comprises of 210 sample size. Information has been collected by using a closed-ended questionnaire from managers and employees in the firms. More so, for statistical analysis, SPSS software has been used comprised of descriptive, correlation, regression, and mediation analysis.

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Leadership is critical to organisational success, and the importance of leadership cannot be overstated. Several benefits are provided to the company by the good practises of leadership. The servant leadership transforms the ruler from a servant to a follower. Carter & Baghurst (2014) and Liu (2019) argued that researchers are attracted by the SL style in the management field and the outcomes of leadership on the organisation and on the followers. According to Senge (2017), servant leaders are those who want to work and provide their services, and these servants also want to serve first. Suddaby, Ganzin & Minkus (2017) argued about servant leadership that it is not all about the personal qualities of the person, but the perception and interpretation of the leader that the needs and demands of the worker and followers to work with a positive attitude and behaviour.

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