Human Resource Management

Understanding the trio among millennials, the use of technology, and the contemporary hr engagement practices

Technology is no longer a background process but a strategic area. In the same vein, millennial are inclined towards taking advantage of automation in many areas, so they tend to trigger everyday activities such as downloading email attachments, processing invoices and customer documents, or checking data (Woldeamanuel & Nguyen, 2018).

Examining the Challenges of Six Sigma Implementation in Human Resource Management: A Case of Information Technology Sector

In the modern era, Six Sigma implementation in Human Resource Management Practices has played an essential role in the development and growth of an organisation (Kaswan & Rathi 2019). However, it is evident from most of the studies that Six Sigma implementation in HRM has significantly helped the organisations in providing a quality and value outcome (Yadav, Seth & Desai, 2018,