Association between Inflation and Price of Assets in Boom and Depression 1923-2926


The main purpose of the study is to evaluate the association between the inflation and price of assets in boom and depression in Pakistan. The economic condition of the country goes from the different phases like boom and depression. The monetary policy also tends to be changing with the shifts in the economy. The inflation rate of the country tends to increase in the depression periods which also effects on the assets prices as well. Therefore, this study has been conducted to identify the relationship between inflation and prices of assets considering the economic phases like boom and depression. The study is conducted using the quantitative research design with the secondary data.

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The recent global crisis has led to persistent increase in the level of prices of all commodities.  In general terms, inflation is the increase in prices that makes the purchasing value of money to decline. Inflation has an evident impact on asset prices and varies in accordance with the economic cycle in the country (Li et al, 2021). This study will investigate the relationship between the inflation and the implication on prices of assets during a depression or boom. The boom is considered to be positive for the country as it provides greater level of employment and decline in the overall interest rates and inflation

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