Understanding The Trio Among Millennials 1923-2926


Understanding The Trio Among Millennials, The Use Of Technology, And The Contemporary Hr Engagement Practices

Background: The use of technology in HR engagement practices has been one of the major shifts amid generations where baby boomers have been inclined towards using technology, millennial are inclined towards making its best use and harnessing their full potential in the working environment.

Aim: The main aim of the study is to analyse the trio among millennial, the use of technology and the contemporary HR engagement practices.

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Technology is no longer a background process but a strategic area. In the same vein, millennial are inclined towards taking advantage of automation in many areas, so they can trigger everyday activities such as downloading email attachments, processing invoices and customer documents, or checking data (Woldeamanuel & Nguyen, 2018). Automation increases efficiency, reduces human error, streamlines costs, and gives employees more time to solve more creative tasks. They are revolutionising many organisational activities from data analysis to risk analysis to customer management (Mosquera et al., 2018).

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